Jon Stewart: CNN Has Become ‘The Human Centipede Of News’

As you may have heard, CNN’s coverage of the Boston bombing investigation was an absolute sh*tshow yesterday, reporting that an arrest had been made in the case and touting the “exclusive” relentlessly, only to have to take it back and eventually read a stern scolding from the FBI on-air. Naturally, it was safe to assume that Jon Stewart would sit in his studio on 10th Avenue last night and carve CNN up with a razor-sharp rhetorical knife. And he did just that.

“Did any of your sources end their tip-offs to you with the phrase ‘Ba ba booey?’” Stewart cracked. “It’s exclusive because it was completely f*cking wrong!” Stewart then admonished CNN talking heads for effectively taking dumps down each others’ throats, labeling the entire network, “the Human Centipede of news.”


In their defense, CNN’s coverage of the Texas explosion last night was stellar. Still, they should consider just pumping Anderson Cooper full of speed and have him lead all the on-air coverage going forward.

Here’s part one…

And here’s part two…