Jon Stewart Is Leaving The ‘Daily Show’ Soon, But He’s Still Taking Down Fox News With Surgical Precision

03.20.15 52 Comments

Like an aging basketball star who occasionally feels the need to show everyone that he’s still got it — just in case there was any doubt — by lacing them up and dropping a triple-double on an opponent before coming out of the game early to ice his knees, Jon Stewart can still eviscerate bloviating bullsh*t artists at the drop of a hat. Case in point: his blistering, and frankly overdue, evisceration of Fox News for not offering an apology to anyone after beating the Benghazi drum for two years, only to have House Republicans clear all involved in the tragedy of any wrongdoing.

More specifically, Stewart took issue with the double standard he sees in Fox News being critical of the media’s coverage of the events in Ferguson, Mo., while going completely silent over Benghazi after the release of the House Republicans’ report.

“They demand accountability for anger and divisiveness whilst holding themselves entirely unaccountable for their anger and divisiveness,” Stewart said. “For two years, they used Benghazi as shorthand, as a symbol for the whole concept of a corrupt, lying, tyrannical, possible murderous Obama White House, kind of like other people used ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ as a symbol for systemic racism, and there’s only really one difference between the two phenomenon: systemic racism actually exists.”

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