Here’s Jon Stewart Explaining To The Media All The Reasons The Obamacare Site Launch Is Not Katrina

Editorial Director
11.19.13 21 Comments

After thoroughly delving into how bad things having gotten for President Obama lately — highlights include his sporting even receptions versus Rob Ford’s and Two Broke Girls snafus — Jon Stewart took a moment last night to analyze the media’s latest so-easy-it’s-stupid comparison for the disastrous rollout: that it is President Obama’s Katrina.

The two things are not exactly apples and apples, you see. But the comparison is so fun TV pundits everywhere just can’t help themselves. Besides, George W. Bush didn’t invent hurricanes.

And here’s a handy follow up with The Best F*cking News team where they provide a cheat sheet of sorts of matching current f*ck ups with George W. Bush f*ck ups. It’s really more art than science.

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