Jon Stewart Went After Fox News For Having ‘No F*cking Idea’ How To Cover Ferguson

08.27.14 4 years ago 16 Comments
daily show race off


The Daily Show returned from a brief hiatus last night, and there was absolutely nothing in the world for them to talk about. The end. Actually, there was that little matter of Ferguson, which Last Week Tonight already beautifully covered two weeks ago. So what angle did Jon Stewart take? His go-to: skewering Fox News. The episode began with Stewart taking the Ferguson Challenge, which is a lot like the Ice Bucket Challenge, except with tear gas and you don’t get to see anyone’s nipples poking through their shirt. The segment ended with a serious reminder that even in the liberal Xanadu that is New York, cops will still target black people in resplendent suits over white people who look like they’re homeless.

And now, here’s “Race/Off” (Nic Cage has a movie idea…).

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