Julia Roberts Paid Tribute To The ‘Heartbreaking’ Loss Of Her Ex And One-Time ‘Friends’ Co-Star Matthew Perry

In case there wasn’t enough proof that Friends was a certified hit, Hollywood superstar Julia Roberts appeared in a Season 2 post-Super Bowl episode. It was a major casting coup that all went down thanks to some heavy flirting and an eventual romance with Matthew Perry.

While promoting her new movie Leave the World Behind, Roberts recently opened up about Perry’s passing and her one-time cameo on the beloved sitcom. “All good thoughts and feelings,” Roberts told Entertainment Tonight of the Super Bowl episode where she played an old classmate of Chandler who was out for hilarious revenge:

“They were all so welcoming to me as just a kind of a one-off character and it was a really fun time,” she continued.

“The sudden passing of anybody so young is heartbreaking,” Roberts said of her ex. “I think that, you know, it just helps all of us just appreciate what we have and to keep going in a positive way as best we can.”

In his memoir, Perry wrote about the three-month courtship with Roberts that all started with when the A-lister said she’d do the show, but only if she was in a Chandler storyline. “Was I having a good year or what?” Perry wrote.

However, the actor first had to “woo” Roberts and explain quantum physics to her. (Yes, really.) With some help from the Friends writers, Perry managed to get the girl and lock down a major cameo for the show that was only in its second season.

(Via Entertainment Tonight)