A Ton Of People Have Been Streaming ‘Friends’ In The Wake Of Matthew Perry’s Death (And His Book Is Also Selling Big)

Matthew Perry died a month ago as of this writing, and though he’s gone he’s far from forgotten. Pals are still sharing stories about him, people are still digging up old interviews, and colleagues are still expressing how much he meant to them. People are also inevitably doing deep dives into his vast body of work. There are 236 episodes of Friends, and you better believe a ton of people have been watching them.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, for the week of October 23 to the 29th, Nielsen streaming charts reveal that the show that made Perry a superstar amassed a total of 583 million minutes of viewing. That might not seem like too much compared with that week’s winner, the newly popular Meghan Markle-featuring Suits, but bear in mind that Perry was found dead on the 28th. That suggests throngs immediately began bingeing Friends, enough for it to nab the No. 7 spot on the list of Acquired Shows, like Suits and Grey’s Anatomy.

That number is also a 31% increase from the previous week, as well as the biggest total watch time it’s had since February of this year.

Elsewhere, Perry’s memoir, Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing also climbed the charts in the aftermath of his death. Earlier this month USA Today reported that it nabbed the No. 1 spot on Amazon’s Best Sellers list.

Elsewhere in Nielsen streaming news, the Jennifer Lawrence comedy No Hard Feelings debuted at the overall top of the charts with 1.13 billion minutes viewed. Freak hit Five Nights at Freddy, meanwhile, bowed at No. 8 with 740 million.

Friends can be viewed on the messy but still pretty great streamer known as Max.

(Via THR)