The Most Duplicitous Moments And Repeatable Lines From This Week’s ‘Justified’

Most of the plots on this week’s Justified had people either lying to each other or getting caught in a lie. And a tragic death struck yet another character. Here’s how it all went down.

After some bullsh*t burdens of southern hospitality, Raylan managed his way out of Ava’s place.

Givens and his sidekick got notified about Calhoun’s body…

… and ended up telling Avery before his henchmen got the chance. It gave Raylan the chance to show off his tastes in literature.

Avery proposed to Katherine, and they reacted how a couple normally would to such a thing… suspiciously.

Choo-Choo decided to help cover for punching Calhoun to death… by killing his hooker.

But it’s hard to kill someone who compliments you.

After so much highlighting and complimenting, you could figure out Choo-Choo’s fate…

… though the writers would add a neat twist.

Meanwhile, Boyd had a bad day.

Turned out Zachariah’s trust couldn’t be bought, but he wasn’t gonna risk getting found out.

That’s somehow the least of Boyd’s trust issues.

We’ll see how Boyd deals with the Randolphs next week. Ava might need to shoot up another Crowder.