‘Justified’: Boyd Crowder, Y’all

02.08.12 78 Comments

Last night’s “Justified,” titled “The Devil You Know,” was yet another very strong episode. It was mostly centered around the hunt for Mags’ money, and the continued evolution of Boyd Crowder’s new gang of rapscallions. I’ll get to the highlights in a moment, but first allow me to make one observation: so far, the third season has done a great job of juggling a number of flaming knives. There is a lot going on in the show, and A LOT of characters to cover. For example, we’ve barely seen Tim, Art, Ava, or Winona in the past few weeks, and I barely even noticed because of how strong the Boyd/Raylan/Limehouse/Quarles storylines are shaping up. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see Tim pop another dude in the apricot as soon as reasonably possible, but it’s a credit to the show that I can go a couple weeks without seeing characters I like and still come away delighted.

The highlights:

  • Prison escapes featuring stone cold dudes with ponytails
  • Dewey Crowe freaking the freak out — hilariously, I might add — while inside a bodybag
  • Limehouse making threats and barbecue
  • A discussion of which colleges have the prettiest girls
  • Raylan neutralizing the criminal element using the front and rear bumpers of his car
  • “You can pretty much live without a spleen.”
  • “Goddamn if I don’t have to save Dickie Bennett.”
  • Boyd Crowder proving yet again that he is the smartest criminal on television.
  • Putting the Devil way down in a hole

Click through to the next page for Chet Manley’s awesome GIFs, and as always, feel free to engage in a spoiler-laden discussion in the comments. Writer Jon Worley said he’d swing by later this afternoon for the discussion (screen name: jubbs), so feel free to leave questions in the comments, then check back later in the day to see if they’ve been answered.

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