The Best Moments And Most Repeatable Lines From This Week’s Pizza Partying ‘Justified’


This week’s Justified had one of the more dastardly pizza parties I’ve ever witnessed, what with all the heisting. Here’s what brought some of the guests there.

With Ava found out, the Marshals needed a new C.I. One who cares about his tan…

… and has experience.

Poor Mikey’s world was torn apart.

The new asset needed to be put to use so the Marshals would know when to strike.

Meanwhile, Mr. & soon to be Mrs. Markham got rid of their old help…

… and got themselves a new henchman. He made a impression on Loretta.

With Avery on her neck, Loretta found some protection from the darnedest place.

This left her confident enough to mic drop Avery at his own party.

He was not amused.

Underneath the shindig, Boyd was all set to raid the vault, but Zachariah was having none of it.

Because we have a few more episodes to go, Boyd of course made it out.

Unfortunately, no money was bad for Boyd and the Marshals…

… meaning everyone will have to reconvene tonight, which for us is next week.