‘Justified’ Premiere: Hats! Ice picks! Mexicans!

As promised yesterday in Matt’s review, last night’s “Justified” season premiere was 20 gallons of liquid terrific in a  ten gallon hat. (Read: There was terrific all over the floor.) I’m going to avoid posting blatant spoilers here, but I will post this list of vague highlights from the episode:

  • HATS! Everyone wore hats! Good guys, bad guys, everyone! It was like Adjustment Bureau up in that mother.
  • Fun games to play before you die!
  • This exchange: BOYD: Well, now if I found that kind of money, I’d be in Mexico by now. RAYLAN: Boyd, I’ve been to Mexico. I don’t think you’d like it. BOYD: How so? RAYLAN: There’s a lot of Mexicans.
  • Bad guys and innocent civilians gettin’ got.
  • Moldy weed.
  • Tim saying the phrase “Do the pee-pee dance,” and winning my heart forever.
  • Ava whacking people right in the gourd with a skillet. Like Ava do, y’all. (GIF after the jump.)

Feel free to discuss the episode in all its spoiler-y glory in the comments. “Justified” is back, you guys. I’m all jacked up.


GIF via Mocksession