‘Justified’ Fans Are Delighted By Timothy Olyphant And Walton Goggins’ Reunion Photo

Raylan Givens and Boyd Crowder dug coal together. The actors who play them take vacation photos together.

Walton Goggins shared a picture with his Justified co-star Timothy Olyphant on Instagram on Wednesday. “Look at this beautiful Thailand surprise… got to meet up with Raylan Givens for lunch today. Talk about comforts from home…Just what I needed. What a good man. The road we’ve walked,” he wrote. Goggins is throwing up the peace sign, while Olyphant, in a Daniel Johnston “Hi, How Are You” shirt, is pointing at his buddy as if to say, “I’m with stupid.”

We should probably talk about Olyphant’s bleach blonde hair.

No, he’s not playing Ken in Barbie 2, although he has the musical chops to pull it off. Presumably, it’s for his role in Fargo creator Noah Hawley’s much-anticipated FX series Alien, which is filming in Thailand. The Southeast Asian country is also the shooting location for the third season of HBO’s The White Lotus starring — yup — Walton Goggins.

Can we expect another Raylan and Boyd reunion in the future? Maybe in a potential season two of Justified: City Primeval? “Everybody would like to, but it’s up to the network,” co-showrunner Michael Dinner told Entertainment Weekly. “Because it’s not about City Primeval, we would only want to do it if it advanced where we were in the original show. I think we could do that, but it’s up to the network. Walton’s interested, and Tim’s interested, and we think there’s another chapter in Raylan’s life, but what are the needs of FX?”

For now, the Thailand photo will have to do.