‘Superstore’ Creator Justin Spitzer Tells Us Why He Thinks Amy And Jonah Could Be The New Jim And Pam


When season four of Superstore returns this month, creator Justin Spitzer will be saying, “I told you so.”

Well, not really. Spitzer is too nice of a guy to shove his success in the faces of critics who took a while to warm to his big-box store comedy. But we’ll be saying it because, over the course of just a handful of seasons, Superstore has become one of the most relevant, insightful shows on TV. With a cast of comedic talents like America Ferrera, Ben Feldman, Lauren Ash, and Mark McKinney, and a talent for weaving potentially divisive issues into plotlines filled with absurdist comedy, Superstore has managed to make politics funny again.

Spitzer, who worked on another little-known show called The Office, has always been a fan of work-place comedies and he’s used his latest to confront stereotypes, tackle taboo topics, and prove that yes, working retail is a comedy goldmine. We chatted with him about how the show’s changed since the presidential election, what’s in store for Amy and Jonah this season, and just what the hell is going on with that Office reboot.

Considering how critics reacted to the show’s first season, does it feel like a win to be able to get to season four and continue to build the show’s fan base?

It definitely feels satisfying to get to season four. I don’t think I’m saying, like, “I told you so,” to anyone.

You could.

[Laughs] No. Thank you, but no. Not a lot of shows make it to season four, so it’s crazy when we’re sitting around thinking, “Oh, have we done this, or done that?,” and it actually takes some time to think back on all the episodes we’ve done. It’s like if you start jogging and you look back and you’re like, “Oh man, where am I? I’ve gotten really far.”