Justin Timberlake Has 5 Shots Of Tequila, Does A Helluva Michael Caine Impression On A British Talk Show

We like Justin Timberlake. I think it’s probably hard not to like the guy. Consider where he started (a former Mouseketeer turned boy band singer dating Britney Spears) and where he ended up (decent comedic actor, excellent “SNL” host who is married to Jessica Biel and hangs out with Jay-Z), and you gotta give the guy some respect. But to TRULY earn one’s respect, there is no better way than to drink five TEQUILA shots (5!) in a 10 minute period on a British talk show, and still manage both not to embarrass yourself AND walk away without any assistance.

I’d hate to see what he looked like half an hour later, but I’m impressed as hell with JT’s ability to hold his liquor on the Jonathan Ross talk show. He was there to talk about his new album, as well as the tequila brand that he’s backing (in true Entourage fashion). The whole thing is charming and amusing as hell, but here are the highlights from the 10:20 video:

01:20: JT says to Ross, “Don’t be a girl,” after the host flinches after the first shot.

03:36: Timberlake’s bad British accent leads to a fun Michael Caine impression.

05:10: Ross tells Timberlake to “Go f*ck” himself after JT says, “I don’t think I like you on tequila.”

05:50: Ross: “If you wake up and find that I’ve done a sh*t in your vase, it’s your fault.”

08:40: JT is definitely feeling the 4 shots up to that point.

09:40: SHOT NUMBER 5.

Also, nevermind Fallon: Justin Timberlake should take over for Leno next year.