K.I.T.T. and Yogi Bear in a Yogurt Ad. Sure.

This new Müller yogurt ad airing in the U.K. is pretty straightforward. First, K.I.T.T. from “Knight Rider” gets a parking ticket. Then the milk truck transforms into a robot and changes the traffic cop into Yogi Bear. Then a chariot pulled by electric unicorns arrives, flinging giant pieces of fruit at a city full of drab office workers, who of course become Mr. Men and Little Miss cartoons. Muttley — the laughing dog from Hanna-Barbera cartoons — flies an airplane at a wrecking ball to turn it into birds, and then giant yogurt hands gather up the clouds and make them a rainbow.

Like I said, pretty straightforward. It’s the perfect commercial if you happened to drop acid this morning.

[via @drewmagary]