Kanye West And Kim Kardashian May Have Caused A Scene Backstage At Saturday Night Live

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05.23.13 24 Comments

When Kanye West was selected to be the musical guest of the season finale of Saturday Night Live, you’d be hard-pressed to find a person who wasn’t waiting for some sort of news story about how Kim Kardashian showed up and demanded to host or Kris Jenner got into a drunken fist fight with Stefon at the show’s after-party. But aside from West’s strange rant at the Adult Swim upfronts, where he swore that he wouldn’t participate in any comedy sketches, it went off without a hitch.

Until today, that is.

File this under “With a grain of salt”, but according to Hollywood Street King, West apparently learned that his girlfriend and her mother were “secretly selling images of him and Kim, behind his back” and I assume once he told someone, the immediate reaction was, “This is a surprise?” Regardless, this alleged revelation allegedly led to an alleged argument between West and his alleged future mom-in-law, and it was so bad that it would have made Justin Bieber look like the Pope.

“Kanye was an assh*le and he was being very standoffish to everyone there. Lorne Michaels will never invite him back. Backstage Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian with Kanye and his bodyguards and basically hovering over him while they scream and yell. The whole cast fled out of the way and security had to be called.

Kim was crying and Kris was basically being carried away by security. Chris Rock tried to step in but Kanye just brushed him to the side and was like ‘Man! this is nothing.’ Kris was raving and screaming the whole time and she felt bad for Kim.”

I really doubt that Lorne Michaels would ban West from the show, because he’s big time attention and ratings. But maybe next time they’ll just put a camera on him and Jenner having it out and let us watch that. They could call it “The Actual Californians”.

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