Karen Gillan Took A Naked Selfie To Promote ‘Selfie’

The appeal of Selfie, an ABC sitcom about a social media monster of a human, isn’t hard to see: JOHN CHO. Also, it stars Doctor Who‘s Karen Gillan, and America should take over Scotland so that we can call her our “national treasure.” The trailer was a #HotMess (that’s Internet speak for “awful”), but so was Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23‘s, and that show turned into something special. Which reminds me: ABC needs to hire someone whose YOU HAD ONE JOB is to name shows better. Don’t Trust the B, Trophy Wife, Cougar Town, Happy Endings. ABC is the Selfie of show titles.

Anyway, here’s Karen Gillan taking a naked selfie to promote Selfie.

Does that count as synergy?

Via the Daily Mail