Kato Kaelin To Barbara Walters: ‘In Hindsight, 20 Years later, I Think O.J. Simpson Is Guilty’

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Kato Kaelin remains one of those folks whose “15 minutes” has lasted for decades. Through his official title as World’s Most Famous Houseguest (and aspiring actor), Kaelin happened to be on tap as the star witness of the O.J. Simpson murder trials. This ensured his enduring, reality-show level of fame long before defense attorney Robert Kardashian’s most enterprising daughter ever imagined her own future career.

Indeed, the white Bronco moment of June 1994 is one of those magical bits of time, one for which you’ll always remember where you were when the news hit. Kaelin (now 54) and his fabulous mullet did time on the witness stand in 1995, and he’s talking (again) 20 years later. On Monday evening, Kaelin will appear on Investigation Discovery’s Barbara Walters Presents American Scandals series. Kaelin tells Walters how shocked he was to hear the “not guilty” verdict:

“I remember that because you asked me off camera, you said, ‘What do you think?’ and I whispered into your ear, I said ‘I think they made a mistake … I could only say what I knew and that’s what I testified to, my opinion about his guilt is my opinion … In my opinion, yes, I think he’s guilty. In hindsight, and everything, 20 years later, I think that O.J. Simpson is guilty.”

Kaelin also briefly discusses the mysterious missing bag that Simpson told him not to touch, but those are only inferences (unless he says more during Monday evening’s aired episode). This isn’t the first time Kaelin has popped up with “he did it” claims. In 2012, he told journalist Cindy Adams, “The statute of limitations has now passed… so I can now say… yes, he did it.” Kaelin then admitted having “no first hand knowledge” before (probably) hopping onto his golf cart and continuing his playboy lifestyle.

In the decades-long aftermath of his heyday, Kaelin tried his hand at many things, including a loungewear line called Kato Potato. He also, oddly, authored a book of poetry in 1997. Alas, Kaelin will always be best known as the Simpson star witness who revealed nothing on the stand. He’s also happy to periodically use this notoriety for his advantage. Nowadays, Kaelin spends his leisurely hours tweeting up a storm about his football observations. A few samplings from Sunday evening:

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