Keanu Reeves Debuted His Trailer For ‘A Reasonable Speed’ On ‘Kimmel’

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10.08.15 2 Comments

Far too many times, action movies will do unreasonable things with cars and other vehicles, like dropping them out of planes, or driving them through one building and into another, or just having them crash into each other at full speed. It’s a little hurtful to see if you’re a fan of “the rules” and cars, so it’s nice to see that enough is enough.

As a rebuttal to such movies, Keanu Reeves cut a new promo for Wednesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live where the exotic vehicles in a chase scene follow the rules of the road. It’s pleasant to the max and a thrill ride that keeps to its side of the road. If it’s ever put to film, A Reasonable Speed may transform the action movie genre with its use of blinkers, breaking, and Foghat. We can always use a little Foghat in our lives, so that’s just a pure given.

It also drives home the point of not talking on a cellphone while driving, something we should all learn to do. It’s the rare instance where an explosion is used to promote safety, and hopefully the start of a wonderful and exciting new trend.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)

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