Kelly Ripa Delivers A Gut Punch To Michael Strahan By Casually Bringing Up His Divorces On ‘Live’

Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan may seem to have put forward a united front when Ripa returned to Live! With Kelly and Michael on Tuesday, but with Strahan’s exit bumped up from “several months away” to “uhh, two weeks,” one has got to imagine all is not well behind the scenes. That seemed to be the case Friday morning, when Ripa brought up an article she had read in the paper about “bird nesting,” a new concept in which separated couples don’t bus the kids from one parent’s house to another, but the parents instead share “shifts” in one house that the kids live in permanently.

It was Ripa’s transition to this topic, however, that made Strahan snap his neck up and blink into the camera:

There’s a great article in the paper, and I want to get your take on it ’cause I don’t have a take on it, but I want yours. So, um, you’ve gotten divorced…

Strahan has been married and divorced twice, sharing two children with each of his ex-wives. At face value her remark may sound innocent, but Ripa is sharp as a tack, and bringing up Strahan’s lack of commitment so soon after his decision to leave the show just can’t be a coincidence.

Likewise, on Thursday’s broadcast Ripa made a subtle dig about contract negotiations during an otherwise innocuous segment with Animal Planet’s wildlife expert Peter Gros, featuring a tiny, screaming armadillo.

You do not f*ck with Kelly Ripa. Let’s hope her next co-host plans on staying forever.

(Via New York Daily News, E! Online)