Kenan Thompson And Ego Nwodim Turn Church Into A Dancehall In A Hilarious ‘SNL’ Sketch

They say the power of music knows no bounds, and the cast of Saturday Night Live proved that in a hilarious new sketch. Tonight (February 24), cast members Kenan Thompson and Ego Nwodim took us to church — literally.

In a sketch, Heidi Gardner and this episode’s guest host Shane Gillis play a mother and father, whose kids (played by Andrew Dismukes and Molly Kearney) complain about having to go to mass every Sunday, even while on vacation. According to the father, the family went to mass while in Ireland, and such is the case while they’re on vacation in Jamaica.

But thankfully, the priest (played by Thompson) delivers powerful readings, and the church singer (Nwodim), turns up the energy with some fiery dancehall raps.

As Nwodim supplements the readings with raps. The songs are so catchy, the father even starts speaking in Jamaican patois.

The mother doesn’t quite get it, but toward the end of the sketch, she shares the verse she and the father used as their wedding vows. And of course, Nwodim turns the verse into a dancehall banger. Perhaps these dancehall vibes will tide us over until Rihanna drops her new album.

You can watch the sketch above.