Ranking The Times Sh*t Got Real For Kenny Powers On ‘Eastbound And Down’

Features Writer

For all his reckless, insult-driven swagger and overwhelming ego, there was a lot more to Kenny Powers (Danny McBride) than met the eye. Though the show started out as a story about a hotshot young pitcher whose recklessness on and off the mound cost him his career, over the course of four seasons, Eastbound & Down (available to stream anytime on HBO Now) had more than its share of contemplative, bittersweet, or outright heartbreaking moments. Here’s a look at some of those quieter moments that forced Kenny Powers to extinguish the flame of awesomeness and gaze at the smoke to calmly reflect on what it really means to be Kenny f*ckin’ Powers.

8. Selling His Merchandise

The first time we really see a vulnerable side to Kenny is when he tries to earn some money by selling off all his old merchandise on eBay. While Kenny anticipates a bidding war that will drive up the value of his goods and bring a much-needed boost to his ego, he’s forced to deal with the fact that his fanbase just isn’t there anymore, and that he’s become what he was most afraid of: a washed-up former Major League ballplayer.

Having lost both his career and his fame, for the first time we see the real Kenny, the one underneath all that curly-haired braggadocio — a broken-down, insecure man who’s fear that the best part of his life is already behind him is starting to come true.

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