Kevin Smith Updates Fans On The ‘Mallrats’ TV Series, Including A Possible Affleck Appearance

Kevin Smith
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Kevin Smith may have moved some of his focus onto directing TV, it doesn’t mean’s he’s just sitting around doing nothing on his own projects. The Clerks and Chasing Amy auteur is completely in his element at Comic-Con this weekend, moderating panels, hosting a new AMC show called Geeking Out and discussing how his current foray into TV is only the beginning.

As previously reported, Smith is developing a series based on his second movie, the 1995 comedy Mallrats. According to Deadline, he’s which he can confess to the masses that he’s taking cues from one of his favorite programs in the world, “Degrassi: The Next Generation” when putting the series together.

Smith discussed walking the execs at Universal through the entire 10-episode first season, working to make sure they understand that “Mallrats as a series is kind of like one gigantic blob of soap opera with a lot of d*ck jokes in it.” The 21 years since the movie was released apparently hasn’t changed Smith in the slightest. After that opening description, Smith dove into the more meaty material, like where we will get a chnace to see the “blobby soap opera” once it’s ready to air.

We’re pitching all the usual streaming suspects I would imagine and cable networks, so probably Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Showtime, HBO — it’s a pretty limited pool for us because of the language factor, but it’s a weirdly family show. It’s just, you know, with a lot of cussing in it and stuff, but it’s funny, dude, I love it.

He also relays that he’s reached out to everyone in the movie’s cast about returning for the series, except for “Batfleck.” There’s no word yet on whether Ben Affleck, a one-time frequent collaborator of Smith’s, will reprise his role as the sinister Shannon Hamilton. Smith said everyone is else “thumbs up” but if Affleck couldn’t do it, “it wouldn’t be the end of the world.”

Still, Smith has to know that getting to see someone refer to the current big screen Batman as “that jerk from Fashionable Male” again would be worth the effort.

(via Deadline)