‘Key & Peele’ Take On The NFL Concussion Issue In Hilarious Fashion

10.16.14 9 Comments

As is becoming their practice, the folks at Comedy Central have gone ahead and released a sketch from the next episode of Key & Peele a full six days before it hits your television. Last week, it was the dark, dark Steve Urkel sketch; this week, the titular stars are taking on the concussion issue in football.

The sketch itself is funny, obviously, even if it does kind of go where you expect it to. But I don’t want to ruin any of it for you beyond saying that, so I’ll just stop there and point out the impressive cinematic feel of the sketch. It has a very Last Boy Scout/Any Given Sunday vibe to it, right down to the driving rain, which helps to bring the joke home as well as any of the words coming out of the characters’ mouths. Key & Peele does this kind of thing a lot, but it’s always worth noting, because the show continues to do it better than anyone on television.

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