Kim Kardashian May Not Realize That Her T-Mobile Super Bowl Commercial Is Making Fun Of Her

The Super Bowl is less than a week away, but we’re not seeing a ton of buzz surrounding the Super Bowl ads yet, with the exception of Charlotte McKinney’s “au natural” Carl’s Jr. ad, which is getting a boost online by being advertised as too racy to air in the East Coast, and the Victoria’s Secret spot, which is so far the most popular Super Bowl spot in terms of views.

Simply put, not as many advertisers are leaking teasers for their commercials this year. That could be good or bad news: Either they’re worried that their spots won’t make much of a splash, or they’re holding them back to air for the first time during the Super Bowl, which would allow us a sense of surprise again.

Or it could just be that they’re all waiting until Wednesday or Thursday to build buzz closer to the game.

In any case, T-Mobile has released its Kim Kardashian Super Bowl ad. The ad mocks Kardashian’s obsession with selfies (she even has a selfie book coming out), but based on her very earnest quote to People magazine about the ad, I’m not sure she realizes she’s being made fun of in the commercial.

“The ad really incorporated a lot of my personality. We really went over scene by scene and what selfies I thought would really showcase me and what I would do,” she explains. “I ski, I went to tennis camp growing up. So there are some things in the commercial that I don’t think people know about me.”

It is a sad statement about the state of Kim Kardashian’s personality when she believes that this ad “incorporates a lot of my personality.” Does she really think that the ad is about getting to know her better? I’d like to believe that the quote was tongue-in-cheek, but I don’t think that Kardashian knows what tongue-in-cheek means.

Source: People