Kimmy Schmidt Quotes For When You Need To Make The Most Of A Bad Situation

Features Writer
01.28.16 2 Comments

Who knew that a show about a woman who had been locked in a bomb shelter by a religious zealot could be so funny and uplifting? Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt was admittedly a bit of a tough sell, but with Tina Fey‘s deft hand running the ship and Ellie Kemper’s earnest and delightful performance anchoring the show in that sweet spot of truth and comedy, Kimmy Schmidt became one of the best sitcom protagonists to come along in ages.

Kimmy’s best quality is her unrelenting optimism. Despite her time in Reverend Wayne Gary Wayne’s cult, Kimmy is still convinced that the world is a place worth giving a damn about. When you are faced with the unfortunate incidences that can derail your day (week, year, life…), channeling your inner Mole Woman just might get you through. If you can recall these quips in a pinch, your prospects might not look quite as bleak.

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