Kit Harington Subjected Himself To A Lie Detector Test To Answer Questions About Jon Snow’s Fate

As long of a year as it’s been for Game of Thrones fans endlessly speculating as to the fate of Jon Snow, the suffering is nothing compared to what Kit Harington has had to deal with in that time. And even though we’re this close to finding out what the heck his character’s deal is, people still won’t quit asking the actor about it, despite the fact that he is literally begging people to believe that he’s dead at this point.

Such was the case on The Jonathan Ross Show over the weekend, when the host subjected Harington to a lie-detector test of sorts to try to get to the bottom of it all. Harington was to answer “yes” or “no” if he felt he was able without giving too much away, or “I know nothing” if he really couldn’t say. And when I say “lie detector of sorts,” I mean that Jonathan Ross appointed himself to determine the quality of the answers, and would give Harington an actual electric shock if he felt they were not up to snuff.

So what did we learn?

  • Yes, he’s dead.
  • Yes, he’s playing a dead body.
  • Jon Snow makes a very “Jon Snow” face even while deceased.
  • No, he does not become a White Walker.
  • No, he does not come back as (British television and radio personality) Jeremy Kyle.

There you have it, folks. Just three more weeks and all will be revealed on April 24. Well, unless HBO puts the big reveal off until the second episode like complete — expletives omitted — in which case four more weeks. Giddy-up.