Kmart’s New ‘Ship My Pants’ Commercial Is Kind Of Hilarious

Comedy, for better or worse, tends to get lumped into two categories: smart or dumb. The category it falls into is then often used as a value judgment on the quality of the humor itself, especially by fans of former. We are as guilty of that as anyone. “Parks & Rec and Happy Endings good, Two and a Half Men and Leno bad, etc. etc. etc.” But please make no mistake about one thing: regardless of where you fall on the comedy preference scale, there will always be a place for a good poop joke. Always.

And so, with all that said, allow me to present Kmart’s new commercial. titled “Ship My Pants.” It is 30 uninterrupted seconds of poop jokes, and it is wonderful. Actually, “jokes” isn’t even accurate. It’s just one joke — “ship” sounds like “sh-t” — over and over and over, delivered by different people in different parts of the store. Gun to my head I’d say my favorite is the lady in the furniture section at the 0:21 mark who leans in and excitedly whispers “I just shipped my drawers,” but there’s also a special place in my heart for the old man pictured above. A+ all around.

Thanks to @TheKickIsGood for the tip