Kristen Bell Will Play Eagleton’s Leslie Knope On An Episode Of Parks And Recreation

When Parks and Recreation returns for its sixth season on September 26, Leslie Knope will find herself going toe-to-toe with a councilwoman from her most hated rival city, Eagleton. Kristen Bell will guest star (and reunite with her Party Down castmate Adam Scott) as that opposing councilwoman, as showrunner Michael Schur told TV Line that “She’s Leslie’s equivalent, but richer and better dressed.”

Whether or not Kristen will be able to top Leslie’s other Eagleton rival (and former best friend) Lindsay Carlisle Shay (played by Parker Posey) is between her and the show’s writers. However, Kristen’s addition to the pantheon of Knope Knemeses is second fiddle news to the actual news of the confirmation of the return of the show’s most important supporting character…


As TV Guide points out, Ben Schwartz and Kristen Bell are co-stars on House of Lies, but it isn’t known if they’ll be appearing on the same episode. Regardless, does this mean that Jean Ralphio is going to be the driving force behind Tommy’s Closet? I say no and still predict it’s Roy Hibbert and Detlef Schrempf exacting revenge for the Entertainment 720 failure.

Additionally, Ben is on The Tonight Show tonight and he just posted this delightful photo to Instagram.

In the meantime, how about a Jean Ralphio GIF party?