Kristen Stewart Battles For Dominance With Kate McKinnon In The Latest ‘SNL’ Promo

Nearly three years after she first hosted Saturday Night Live, actress Kristen Stewart is back for this weekend’s latest entry in the variety sketch series’ 45th season. To commemorate the occasion, NBC dropped a new promotional teaser for the new episode online, though not without at least some light gruff for the returning host.

“Great job, Kristen,” a silhouetted and smoking Kate McKinnon says in the teaser. “But I think we all know who the king of the castle is around here, right?” The short bit is framed as a confrontational, Hitchcockian duel between the two powerhouses, with Stewart noting she’s been there before and “apparently, somebody thought I did a pretty good job.” McKinnon’s response? “Yeah, your mom.”

It’s all a silly sketch meant to remind viewers that SNL is back for another new episode following Chance the Rapper’s hugely successful return last weekend, and it accomplishes precisely that. Besides, who wouldn’t want to see Stewart and McKinnon “duke it out” a la the ancient, bloody gladiatorial technique otherwise known as “thumb-wrestling”?

Hopefully, Stewart’s second guest-hosting gig at SNL will prove just as funny as her first appearance in 2017. Maybe viewers will even get the luxury of a direct (or at least thematic) followup to her “Golden Ticket” sketch.