Kristen Wiig’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ Promos: She’s Back, And It Feels Like Home

Kristen Wiig is set to host this weekend’s Mother’s Day edition of Saturday Night Live, and returning hosts almost always do a bang up job, especially their first time back. I think it’s a combination of being in their old, comfortable environment, the energy they get from being around their old friends, and a real desire to perform well to, in a way, show why they were talented enough to leave. Some of the best episodes in recent years have been hosted by former cast members: Jimmy Fallon, Maya Rudolph, Tina Fey, and of course, Amy Poehler.

The weekend’s promos are out, and I gotta say: Kristen Wiig looks so very at home in them. No awkward reunion here. With Sudeikis likely to leave in the finale the following week, wouldn’t it be fun if they did a skit addressing Sudeikis’ pissy-face last season during the Wiig farewell?

Check out the promos: