The ‘La Brea’ Season 2 Trailer Goes EVEN DEEPER Into The Earth

After rolling through nonsense, bad CGI, and harrowing primeval adventure, La Brea returns for a second season September 27th on NBC. The trailer affirms that “survival is the only way home.” That’s right. Don’t die! Don’t do it.

The series sees a funky blend of modern-day LA denizens and gruff, sexy people living in mud huts trying to unlock the secrets of a pre-tech world where hunting, gathering, and warring with other clans for territory is a matter of life and death. Somehow, they also go to 1988 and press a button that drains a puddle to reveal some sleek futuristic stairs. It’s kitchen sink LOST, so how can that not be fun?

Natalie Zea is the standout, but this trailer promises that they’ve truly expanded the scope of the ensemble even beyond what fans saw last season. It’s a growing world from a series trying to go bigger and bolder than before. The other big thing about this trailer? The intense feeling of mortal dread and violent death looming over every hill. It may not make much sense, but it’s intense.

Plus, the David Appelbaum-created series proves that we should all be looking for hidden buttons on weird rocks next to disgusting ponds.