Larry David’s ‘SNL’ Promos With Leslie Jones Are Good Enough To Be Their Own Show

02.03.16 7 Comments

Larry David is the host of this week’s SNL. This means a couple of things. It means, first of all, we’re probably due for a good Democratic debate sketch — or a Democratic something-else sketch, because¬†they did a debate last time he popped in — featuring him as Bernie Sanders and Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton. That one is obvious. Larry David as Bernie Sanders is the best non-cast-member casting since Tina Fey as Sarah Palin. It almost makes you wish there was some crazy scenario out there where Sanders gets the nomination, names Palin as his running mate, and they win the election, just for the four years of Larry David and Tina Fey popping up to do sketches together from the Oval Office. I said “almost.”

The second thing it means is that we get these promos for the episode, featuring Larry with Leslie Jones. These are some good promos. Especially the first one, in which Larry David tells people not to watch. And the second one, in which Larry David gets upset at Leslie Jones for not flirting with him. And… you know what? Why don’t we just make the whole episode Larry David and Leslie Jones sitting at a table and bickering with each other? You could do a lot worse for a comedy program.

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