‘SNL’ Elects To Cut Out The Middleman And Just Have Larry David Straight-Up Host

If you’re going to have Larry David in the building, you might as well trot him out for the full 90 minutes.

Saturday Night Live‘s go-to guy for capturing the essence of Bernie Sanders has been tapped to make his hosting debut on February 6 with “Love Me” tune vendors The 1975 serving as the musical guest. It’ll be a total dorkout moment for the scores of folks that have always wanted to see the former SNL writer pop up as the focal point of an episode and have waited patiently for such a thing to become reality. Depending on how you felt out about Ronda Rousey’s hosting performance last night, that level of patience may have been tested a lil’ more than usual.

As noted, the 2015-16 season of SNL can boast a pretty impressive run of Larry David guest spot goodness. We’ve had multiple Bernie Sanders appearances, plus a welcome cameo interrupting Donald Trump in an episode that wasn’t exactly recognized as pretty, pretty, pretty good. Do you suppose we’ll see the IRL version of Sanders pop in for a surprise appearance? Is the inevitable Curb Your Enthusiasm parody enough? Let the SNL fantasy booking ideas drizzle out in the comments.

(via Deadline)