Larry David Basically Turns ‘The View’ Into A Real-Life Episode Of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’

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09.28.17 2 Comments

The Curb Your Enthusiasm revival that technically isn’t a revival is just around the corner, so show creator and star Larry David has been making the rounds to promote the new season, including a recent stopover at The View. Hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sara Haines and Sunny Hostin quizzed him about everything from the classic HBO show’s return to playing Bernie Sanders on Saturday Night Live. Everyone gathered around the table seemed to be having fun — especially Behar, who previously worked with David on Way Off Broadway — but it never really felt like The View. Truth be told, it felt like a scene from Curb.

“Do they ever give you a hard time or let you know when you’re being uncool?” Haines asked David about his two daughters, Cazzie and Romy. The former, who’s also dating SNL star Pete Davidson, gained internet fame thanks to Instagram posts lampooning her father, as well as a web series. When Haines quoted an unknown source dubbing her the “new Larry David,” her father seemed bemused on her behalf. “She’s terrific. I think that she wouldn’t like the term ‘new Larry David.'” When Behar noted that “kids don’t like to be in the shadow of their parents,” David latched onto the subject and ran with it:

“They won’t even let me drop them off at school. I had to drop them off like two blocks away. There’s something embarrassing about getting out of your parents’ car. I don’t know what that is! It’s crazy… Sometimes, if I was made at her, I’d go, ‘No! No! We’re going right to the door.”

Both the table and the audience immediately burst into laughter and applause at David’s brief parenting story. As soon as the claps started, however, the Curb star’s smile faded as he gestured towards the crowd. “It’s not necessary to applaud,” he said.

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