James Woods: Tim Allen’s Brain And Politics Are Why ABC Canceled ‘Last Man Standing’

The reaction to Last Man Standing being canceled by ABC has been mixed. Namely, mixed between conservatives that were furious over the sitcom getting 86’d and the portion of the public that was surprised to learn Tim Allen had a long running TV show on network TV. As fans of the series allege a left-backing Hollywood politics element snuffed the show out, outspoken conservative actor James Woods is rushing to the grunting TV star’s aid.

Allen stated on Twitter that he felt “stunned” and “blindsided” by Last Man Standing getting the ax. This seems like as appropriate a moment as any to note that the voice of Buzz Lightyear likened being a conservative in Hollywood to being a Jew in ’30s Nazi Germany. Although scholars can debate whether or not people saying bad things about your Friday night comedy program was a thing that was rampant in Germany, the immediate public consensus was that the comment was beyond offside and the Anne Frank Center demanded an apology for the crass comparison.

Woods came to Allen’s defense in social media form. In the view of the Videodrome actor, the firing wasn’t about the show. It was about Allen being a right-wing guy in a left-wing industry.

“You’re just a fantastic talent, Tim,” wrote Woods on Tuesday. “Too bad you also have a brain and a few opinions of your own. Looks like that cost you your job.”

Please keep this in mind if there’s another An American Carol movie churned out in the wake of Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 11/9 plans.