Seth Meyers Adds ‘#TrumpleBrag’ To The Lexicon In His Breakdown Of The Trump/FOX News Feud

Late Night captain Seth Meyers has been quietly bringing incredibly sharp and insightful commentary during this batsh*t crazy election season. Last night’s episode of the show featured the SNL alum breaking down the current Donald Trump vs. Fox News brouhaha like the seasoned pro he is.

In the semi-recurring segment known as “A Couple Things,” Meyers laid out his thoughts on the Republican frontrunner’s decision to skip the latest GOP Debate and all the contributing factors and spin-off effects tied to Trump’s gambit. You probably figured all this out when you saw the title attached to the video at the top of the page, but it never hurts to drive the point home.

Among Meyers’ observations? Trump has the miraculous ability to slam a perceived enemy and build himself up, all in one go. Sometimes even in the same breath. Here’s what the NBC comedy vet had to say about Trump boasting that he might be “the best thing that ever happened” to Megyn Kelly while also proclaiming that he doesn’t like her all within an eight second span.

That’s Donald Trump criticizing someone and then throwing in a compliment for himself. Also known as a #TrumpleBrag.

It’s a bit like a bonus “Seth Explain Teen Slang” segment tucked into another recurring segment. Consider it a nesting doll sorta proposition. And as a result, we now have this incredible new word in our vocabulary, so thank you, Seth Meyers.