We Spent More Than 161 Billion Hours Watching ‘Law & Order: SVU’ In 2015

Nothing is certain except death, taxes, and at any hour of the day, in some part of the world, there’s a Law and Order rerun on television. Not just any Law and Order rerun, either, but the best Law and Order rerun: Special Victims Unit. It’s got it all. Ice-T and… that’s it. Ice-T is enough. (I’m still mad at Mariska Hargitay for inspiring the most recurring joke in The Love Guru.) If only we could measure America’s love affair with Olivia Benson and Odafin Tutuola and, if you catch the right episode, Elliot Stabler and John Munch.

Oh wait, we can. I’d make a great detective [Googles “who murdered victim”].

Mulvihill added, “Think about that. That’s nine hours of watching Law & Order: SVU reruns this year for every man, woman, and child in America.” That sounds insane… until you remember how often SVU is on. Between January 1-12, 2016, for instance, USA will air 94 hour-long episodes, each of which will likely be seen by somewhere between 500,000 to five million people.

And can you blame them?