Leah Remini Vows To Never Stop Fighting Scientology After Danny Masterson’s Trial Ended With A Jury Deadlock

Leah Remini isn’t holding back her thoughts after Danny Masterson‘s rape was declared a mistrial. The former King of Queens star and outspoken Scientology critic vowed to never stop exposing the church’s alleged crimes. Remini, who was a lifelong member of the church, raised awareness of the sexual assault allegations against Masterson. After years of reports on the subject, That ’70s Show star being charged with multiple counts of rape in Los Angeles.

However, Masterson’s trial resulted in a deadlocked jury this week, and a new trial has been tentatively scheduled for March. In a statement posted within hours of the mistrial announcement, Remini issued a statement to Scientology leader David Miscaviage, and she accused the church of covering up Masterson’s alleged assaults.

Via Variety:

“I want to remind everyone that when you’re a Scientologist, you are strictly forbidden from reporting crimes to civil authorities that other Scientologists commit against you,” Remini wrote. “You are ordered only to report things to internal Scientology authorities… These women did what they were told to do. They reported their rapes to internal Scientology authorities. And after they did that, they were not only blamed and abused; they were told that they weren’t raped and ordered them never to use the word ‘rape’ again.”

Remini took things even further by alleging that Masterson is just one of many examples of Scientology covering up crimes committed by its members. “They have done this many other times in cases of rape and other sexual misconduct.”

Remini also made it a point to tout the bravery of Masterson’s accusers. “My heart breaks for the women who have courageously and tirelessly fought for justice for over five years,” she wrote. “For years, they have been targeted and harassed by Scientology and its agents. They have also been targeted and harassed by their family members and friends who remained in Scientology.”

(Via Variety)