Legal and Dog News Roundup

04.18.12 6 Comments

“The Bachelor” is getting sued for racial discrimination – Lawyers are filing a class action lawsuit against the producers of the ABC reality show, pointing out that over 10 years of “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” being on the air, there has not been a single person of color as the star. I believe the banner picture of this post, taken on the set of “Bachelor Pad,” is a little something referred to in Evidence classes as “Exhibit A.” [The Hollywood Reporter]

A producer has filed a $50 Million lawsuit over “Anger Management” – Joe Roth, the top banana at FX’s new Charlie Sheen sitcom, is being sued by a fellow producer who says Roth reneged on a deal and is screwing him out of millions. My favorite part of this story is where the producer’s lawyer says “Make no mistake, this lawsuit will serve as a wakeup call,” because it made me picture Joe Roth sleeping comfortably in a hotel and then one of the hotel’s employees sneaking into his room and literally bonking him on the head with a lawsuit to wake him up. WHY WOULD ANYONE STAY THERE? [Deadline]

The “Desperate Housewives” retrial has been set for September – Nicollette Sheridan’s lawsuit against “Desperate Housewives” creator Marc Cherry, and all its bonkers shenanigans, ended in a mistrial last month due to a hung jury, and will be retried this fall. My official legal analysis of these developments is that Miss Trial and the Hung Jury would be a terrific title for an erotic novel or short story, if any of you aspiring writers out there are looking for one. That’s a freebie. [Vulture]

DogTV is going national – A little while back, I did a post about DogTV, the first TV channel full of programming for dogs (not about dogs, for dogs). Well I have excellent news: DogTV is doing so well in its San Diego market that its parent company plans to offer it nationally in the next few months. Admittedly this is not “legal news,” but I think it is very important and should be noted. [NY Daily News]

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