‘The Legend Of Korra’ Will Join ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ On Netflix In August

Netflix will officially have two Avatars starting next month, as Avatar: The Last Airbender will see its water-bending successor join it on the streaming service come August 14. One of the service’s Twitter accounts announced on Tuesday that The Legend Of Korra will join Ang’s Avatar on Netflix, welcome news for fans of the Nickelodeon series.

The Legend of Korra is a notable cartoon in a number of ways, starting with the fact that it takes place decades later in the same universe as Avatar and has some characters return from the original series. What’s more, though, is it’s fairly easy to predict that Korra will be a popular target for people to stream on Netflix given the success The Last Airbender found earlier this year.

Netflix finally telling you what’s popular on the streaming service over the last few months has been an interesting experimentation in drawing renewed attention to some nostalgia-fueled shows like Avatar. The Nick cartoon was beloved back in the day, and it hitting Netflix caused a resurgence of people re-watching or finally seeing it all in order for the first time. It would consistently be in the site’s Top 10 as fans churned through Ang’s three seasons as the Avatar, and social media lit up with Avatar tweets and Tik Toks as a new generation got to see the cartoon for the first time. When those viewers finished with Ang, of course, the next logical step would be to look for The Legend Of Korra, which ran four seasons from 2012 to 2014.

Both series are far more well-liked than the Avatar movie, which was much easier to find streaming than either cartoon until this year. Given the enthusiasm Netflix found for Avatar the first time around, prepare to see a lot of Korra’s face on the Top 10 come August.