Let’s Talk This Week’s Geeky TV: ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Fights Samurai

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10.27.16 27 Comments

Legends of Tomorrow, having just spent most of its first two episodes in World War II, has decided hey, what the heck, let’s just go full James Michener and visit feudal Japan. So that’s exactly what they did, because when you write a show about six superheroes and their time machine, the world is pretty much your oyster. The actual plot finds Ray getting his Atom armor stolen by a Japanese daimyo who intends to use it to conquer Japan and, most likely, the world. Yes it’s just the seven of them (’40s-era Vixen included) against an entire army in Japan. Feels familiar somehow.

Oh, also the staff historian is made entirely of steel now, in what will likely be a much cheerier origin than how his character became a superhero in the comics, which involved Nazi supervillains murdering an entire family reunion out of spite. No, really, that happened.

Legend Of Tomorrow is, by far, the goofiest, most comic-book-esque of the CW’s DC shows, and really, bless them for that. Sometimes it’s easy to forget comic books are at their best when they’re throwing heroes into ridiculous situations, and that’s what Legends of Tomorrow excels at. We’ll see how their turn to Kurosawa goes tonight at 8pm EST on the CW.

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