Lena Headey’s Nurse Made A Very Inappropriate ‘Game Of Thrones’ Joke While Helping Her Breastfeed Her Newborn

Ahead of this Sunday’s highly anticipated season premiere of Game of ThronesLena Headey stopped by The Late Late Show to chat with James Corden on Wednesday night. Following season five, fans were in an absolute frenzy, and Headey briefly addressed the so-called “controversy” of her using a body double to film her now-infamous walk of shame scene.

But perhaps the strangest fan encounter Headey experienced was following the birth of her baby daughter last year. As you may be aware, Headey welcomed her second child into the world back in July, shortly after last season wrapped. And while she was still in the hospital with her baby, it became quickly apparent that the night nurse was a pretty big fan of the show, and specifically, Headey’s character, Cersei.

Headey’s daughter unfortunately experienced jaundice while in the hospital, and she had difficulty breastfeeding. After her “fella” was of little help (Headey has never revealed the paternity of her child), attempting to “milk her like a goat,” the nurse stepped in. And although her heart was in the right place, the nurse’s fandom got the best of her and she quite possibly said the worst thing you could say to someone while squeezing a stranger’s nipples. Oh well, at least she can laugh about it now?