Seth Meyers Proves Leslie Jones Is The Best Person To Watch ‘Game Of Thrones’ With

When Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones told Peter Dinklage to “go to sleep, Tyrion” during a “Naked and Afraid” sketch on SNL, everyone watching (and laughing) had the same thought — this woman loves Game of Thrones. She doesn’t just watch it like the rest of humanity, living off their one friend or family member’s HBO GO account. No sir, Jones loves the sh*t out of Thrones, and as proof of her love, Seth Meyers invited her to Late Night for a segment called “Game of Jones.” Their task? Make it through last Sunday’s “Battle of the Bastards.”

They made it through, all right. Even fellow SNL cast member Kenan Thompson, an admitted non-Game of Thrones viewer, showed up with pizza in hand and a Star Wars shirt on his back. Though he perked up when he saw Dinklage, whom he recognized from Adam Sandler’s final cinematic abortion pre-Netflix, Pixels. This gave Jones and Meyers a good laugh, but most of the eight-minute bit’s best moments came from the Late Night guest of honor herself.

From the show’s warrior eunuchs, especially Grey Worm (see “deal breaker”), to open speculation about the fact — yes, fact — that Lorne Michaels possesses at least one dragon, nothing is sacred when watching Thrones with Jones. Not even Ramsay Bolton’s satisfying death at the paws of his own hungry hounds.

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