Leslie Jones Addresses Her Hack On ‘SNL’ By Getting An Assist From ‘Mr. Robot.

Leslie Jones had an eventful summer, to say the least. The comedian faced online harassment on Twitter that forced her off the social media platform and then dealt with a hack of her personal website. The response to the hack was swift and negative, with some calling it a hate crime and others rallying support behind Jones on social media. Jones discussed some of her troubles in an interview with Seth Meyers, but her best response likely came on Saturday’s premiere of SNL.

In the very last sketch of the night, Jones sought out the help of Elliot and the team from Mr. Robot to find out who hacked her private information and website. For Jones, it turns out that the biggest culprit was herself and her lack of proper internet security. That and an ancient computer possibly featuring every Delta boarding pass in existence. The sight of her fake desktop in this sketch is hard to see, even for a comedy sketch. It’s bad enough when icons aren’t lined up properly on my desktop, which probably says more about my problems than anything else.

It’s a funny sketch, though, taking on a pretty hefty topic with a smile while also hitting on some of the thematic oddities from Mr. Robot. Not bad for something SNL tucked in at the very end of the show.

(Via SNL)