Let’s Hear About The Time John C. Reilly Hustled His Way Around A Renaissance Fair

While John C. Reilly is busy policing the galaxy for Marvel and going on tour as Dr. Steve Brule these days, he still found some time to do some contractually obligated PR and have some fun with it.

He brought along some photos from his past to show Letterman and the audience just how much he loved renaissance fairs. So much that he basically begged his way into this particular one and managed to piss off the renaissance staff in the process.

Now it’s fitting that Reilly had to hustle and plead to get by in the faire setting. He was dressed as a beggar, or he claimed to be. It just didn’t jive with the actual paid help, a group of people I assume feel they deserved whatever he was getting because they didn’t want to do that sh*t for free.

That’s me being judgmental of course. I wouldn’t be caught dead at a renaissance fair or LARPing event. I’ve seen a few, I enjoyed the depiction in Role Models, but I’m not apt to go hit someone with a foam sword in a field. I’d much rather just stare at this stinkbug work its way across the ceiling.

(Via The Late Show)