Lewis Black Throws His Hat In The Ring To Join Kelly Ripa As Michael Strahan’s Replacement

Daytime television was rocked last week when Kelly Ripa skipped out a day early on her planned vacation and let rumors fly about Michael Strahan’s departure from Live in a few weeks. The long time host was apparently quite upset she found out right before the announcement was made publicly, leading many to wonder if there was trouble in the house that Regis built.

Many were emotionally invested in the drama, especially Lewis Black from The Daily Show. He even feels like he might fight Strahan if he looked a bit like the previous host of Live. Not going to happen, though, and Ripa apparently loves Strahan on the public side. But we do get to start the search for a new co-host and Black is ready to put his hat in the ring.

Sure he smokes a bit too much, yells all the time, and is the farthest thing from a morning person. But having that polar opposite with you on the set is a recipe for television gold. ABC is still talking about dropping the show to another time slot in order to give GMA a little more breathing room. Black would be that volatile element that guests could spend time trying to understand while preparing their lives to end at any moment. Sorta like chatting with a rabid dog.

Let’s get it done, ABC.

(Via The Daily Show)