Lewis Black Pleads With The ‘Lazy’ Millennials Who Are Still Refusing To Go Out And Vote

Lewis Black’s latest special, Black To The Future, premieres this Friday on Comedy Central, but he’s got some work to do on The Daily Show before then. Black was at his cranky best while addressing the biggest fear that many have with this election, especially those who support Hillary Clinton. That would be millennial voters and others who have already decided to sit out this election. Black can hardly believe it and when he sees that some will vote for legalizing weed but won’t vote for president, his look really says it all:

Apathy is one thing and pretty understandable for keeping away from the polls. It’s the role of the candidate to really pull those voters out of the muck and get them to the polls, which has been tough this election unless you’re a Donald Trump supporter. But the indefensible part is when Black hits on the people, especially younger voters, who won’t go out to vote because it is too hard. It’s easy to say that baby boomers and preceding generations have ruined things, which Black admits, but it was supposed to be different now:

“I know we f*cked things up for you. But we were counting on you to fix things, not finish the job!”

It’s a fine return for Lewis Black on the show and even features some nice jabs at Trevor Noah’s appearance in some of those “go vote” ads we’ve seen around in recent weeks. There’s plenty that could be said, but this is Black’s moment and it’s nice to laugh at this point in the election.

(Via The Daily Show)

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