Vincent Cassel And Eva Green Need Couples Counseling And To Stop Cyber Attacks In The ‘Liaison’ Trailer

If success in TV hinges on having two super attractive people being super attractive at each other, Liaison did not deviate a single inch from the formula. The new Apple TV+ series features Vincent Cassel and Eva Green as two “agents” (of some bureau!) as well as former lovers (naturally) who have to do a See Something, Say Something on their own baggage while trying to thwart some catastrophic cyber hackery.

It features an international cast, although the bulk of the bad stuff appears to happen to London and the surrounding environs. Obviously it’s got the slick thriller gloss, so each episode will most likely feature some jaw drops and a big cliffhanger. Plus, Cassel and Green are both masters, so watching them play off each other is going to be diabolically fun. No doubt you also heard Peter Mullan’s trademark gravel voice in the trailer, but the character I feel for the most is Daniel Francis’s fiancé guy who is treading some serious Niko-in-Killing-Eve territory. Oh, you’re serious and gonna get married? Then why are you making goo goo eyes at Vincent Cassel? Checkmate.

The series is from Virginie Brac, who made the super fun Cheyenne and Lola, and it hits Apple TV+ February 24th unless someone hacks the entire grid and stops it.