Lifetime’s ‘Born In The Wild’ Tells The Story Of Women Giving Birth In The Wilderness

“I want to actually be outside and experience that primal, primitive sort of experience.” That’s the quote that the editors of this TCA sizzle trailer for the new Lifetime series Born in the Wild decided to go with, but the plot isn’t nearly as confusing – this show is about women who want to give birth in the great outdoors. Away from luxuries like electricity, clean water, euphoric painkillers and an iPod with headphones to drown out all the screaming, the women on this new show will take us along on their adventures to deliver their babies in the most natural way possible.

In this new series, families take one step beyond homebirth and make the powerful choice to experience childbirth in the great outdoors. No inductions, no epidurals…just expectant mothers facing and giving birth in the arms of Mother Nature. They’ll take on the unique challenges of their natural environment, tackling every obstacle the wilderness can dish out in order to realize their dream of an outdoor birth.

I can’t help but read “unique challenges” and “obstacle” and imagine pregnant women trying to compete on American Ninja Warrior. Let’s get on that idea, NBC.