Liz Lemon Tips That’ll Perfect Your Next Staycation

Features Writer


Summer is the season of adventure, but it’s also about embracing the better things in life, and sometimes that means staying home. There’s no shame in it. If you’re broke as hell and too worn out to travel, never fear: the staycation is your best friend. And while there are plenty of characters in pop culture that championed that “no new friends, never leave home” lifestyle, no one compares to Liz Lemon when it comes to being dedicated to the pursuit of staying in more. While her workaholic ways on 30 Rock didn’t allow much time for relaxing, Lemon knew exactly how get the most out of life as a couch potato.

For your next long weekend of Netflix binging and sleeping in, do things the Lemon way. Let’s face it: you’ll never be the Barefoot Contessa, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t reach an optimal state of zen. Grab your slanket and heat up some Cheesy Blasters, nerds: we’re about to learn how to staycation the Lemon way.

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