Liz Lemon Tips That’ll Perfect Your Next Staycation

Summer is the season of adventure, but it’s also about embracing the better things in life, and sometimes that means staying home. There’s no shame in it. If you’re broke as hell and too worn out to travel, never fear: the staycation is your best friend. And while there are plenty of characters in pop culture that championed that “no new friends, never leave home” lifestyle, no one compares to Liz Lemon when it comes to being dedicated to the pursuit of staying in more. While her workaholic ways on 30 Rock didn’t allow much time for relaxing, Lemon knew exactly how get the most out of life as a couch potato.

For your next long weekend of Netflix binging and sleeping in, do things the Lemon way. Let’s face it: you’ll never be the Barefoot Contessa, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t reach an optimal state of zen. Grab your slanket and heat up some Cheesy Blasters, nerds: we’re about to learn how to staycation the Lemon way.

Make The Choice To Chill

The staycation mindset truly is a lifestyle. Rejection from society is what created the X-Men, so a self-imposed exile could be just what you need to recharge and find your best self. Lemon knew the value of time spent alone and at home, because the hipster nonsense and stress of real life is best avoided in your own corner of the world. I mean, you could travel, but who has the time? Real life is calling.

Avoid Those Who Ruin Your Bliss

The worst part about summer — aside from the heat and mosquitos — is the fact that your former sanctuaries are now plagued with kids on break. That amazing coffee shop you found a few months ago? Practically a Mommy and Me club now. Hoping to catch a movie in the quiet bliss of a midweek matinee? Nope, school’s out. The world outside is too packed full of people who can throw you off the stress-free track, so make like Lemon and desperately avoid the Youths.

Snacks Are The Most Important

If you don’t stuff your cupboards with enough snacks to withstand an apocalypse, are you even staycationing? Night cheese, ham, mac&cheese, free donuts that you dug out of the Dunkin dumpster… the world is your snack oyster, my friend. Don’t let societal expectations hold you back. While you would normally wolf your teamster sub in an attempt to have it all, a staycation is the perfect time to savor it in peace. Even the special sauce. You deserve it.

Don’t Resist Coziness

Listen, you can mock the Snuggie and its off-brand cousin, the Slanket, all you want, but it really is the perfect staycation get up. Sure, you may feel momentary shame at the general silliness of your blanket with arms, but the moment that you realize that you won’t have to put your arms out of the slanket’s cozy embrace when you want to reach for next bag of Sabor de Soledad (Good god, Lemon!), you will truly reach nirvana. Become one with your couch and all its pillows! It will never let you down.

Set New Goals

While the key is snacking and relaxation, a good staycation is also a great way to take stock of your life and make some positive changes. By taking a few moments to breathe, you can take a good look at some problem areas and come up with some achievable goals. Lemon may have failed at fitness and sticking with knitting, but you can take her good intentions and turn them into action. Or not. A Netflix marathon still counts, right? You’re appreciating the arts!

Shake Things Up In The Bedroom (Your Way)

Liz Lemon’s sexual hang-ups are well documented, but everyone has their thing. While the best staycations are solitary, a partner can help you dust off the cobwebs and get the blood pumping. Wear a blazer, keep your socks on, organize some office supplies, whatever floats your boat. Plus, some good sex will help you kick off your new fitness plan in the most fun way possible. Get on with your bad self and make your staycation a gettin laidcat… sorry.

Discover Some Hidden Talents

With all that free time on your hands, you may want to embrace some of your old or undiscovered personal gifts. While some of Lemon’s talents, like shotgunning a pizza or putting her cat’s head in her mouth may have been best left undiscovered, you might have better luck. Take that hobby that you’ve been dying to try and give it a whirl. You may not become an expert calligrapher or fluent in French over a long weekend, but it could unlock some magic. What better way to return from a staycation than sweeping back into work a more accomplished human being?